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 Environmental Evaluations and Planning

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)


The environmental management system (EMS) is the strategic tool organisations use to improve environmental performance. An effective EMS is tailored to integrate environmental responsibilities and practices into the organisation's management system to increase efficiency and reduce impacts while using the most economically sustainable practices. At the EMS design and implementation stages, it is essential for organisations to ensure that EMS components are adapted to meet the organisation's needs, rather than rigidly applying international models.

IRIS' professional EMS practice focuses on meeting the strategic interests of our clients. We assist clients who seek to develop feasible and positive EMS strategies that prevent pollution; meet national and international standards; and strategically position the business. From a strong corporate environmental policy, we support our clients through baseline research and database design; risk analysis; preparation of operational procedures and manuals; training; monitoring; water, waste and energy audits; and green procurement and accounting. Where appropriate, we pursue industry recognition for clients.


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