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 Environmental Evaluations and Planning

Environment Impact Assessment


Core IRIS services include EIA, audit, impact mitigation planning and monitoring, and implementation of management plans. Our expertise in these areas has been applied during the conceptualization, feasibility, design, construction, operation and decommissioning phases of a wide variety of development projects and programs in several economic sectors. At national and international levels, IRIS has conducted site inspections, identified areas of environmental concern, quantified risk, designed regulatory policies and provided pragmatic solutions. In Canada, weare expert in applying the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) and provincial environmental assessment/audit processes. Related to CEAA, IRIS has been active in the design and implementation of Public Involvement Programs including preparation of media, public information sessions, surveys, and database development. Internationally, IRIS regularly works under the guidance of “best practices” guidelines and procedures, such as ISO 14000, and the Operational Directives and policies for Environmental Assessment (EA) of such institutions as The World Bank, International Finance Corporation, and sectoral organizations such as the International Association of Oil and Gas Producers.


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